Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thailand Calling: River Taxi Ride

All Rights Reserved. River Taxi Ride, Bangkok.

On the second night after we arrived in Bangkok, the husband arranged a lovely night out. It was our nine year wedding anniversary.  

 All Rights Reserved. River Taxi Ride, Bangkok.
 It started off with a river taxi ride.  The taxi was very cheap and it lasted nearly two hours.  We had amazing, unique views of Bangkok, little canals, and glimpses into traditional life.   
We were some of the only foreigners on the boat, which was cool because it is a very real method of transport for many people living and working in Bangkok.  
  All Rights Reserved. River Taxi Ride, Bangkok.
I've already mentioned how flippin' hot it was, so it was nice to catch a breeze and just chill out.  I was feeling very grateful - and excited - about our whole new adventure.
After our boat ride, C reserved seats at a fantabulous Italian restaurant called The Deck by the River. The food was wonderful and the views were...well...absolutely stunning. We had a first-class look at the famous Wat Arun, an iconic Buddhist temple. 
All Rights Reserved. Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn, Bangkok, Thailand. 
After our scrummy dinner overlooking this magical building, we head back to the hotel. Happy. Satisfied. 

Next post: Adventures in Chiang Dao, up north in Thailand! MY FAVORITE PART!



  1. Wonderful!!! Love the photos! : )

  2. Well, that is one unique taxi ride. :) By the way, the second photo is a great shot! The scene is beautiful, and so is the young lady there. It’s the kind of picture that can be displayed on the wall of your house. Kudos! :)

    Taisha Bousquet


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