Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Blog Series: Thailand Calling

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On Saturday, we're off traveling within Myanmar, visiting two fabulous places I'll tell you ALL about when we come back. Hopefully with lots of cool pictures to share, also. 

While on holiday, I'm doing a new blog series: Thailand Calling, highlighting my very first trip to SE Asia in March this year. I'll give you all sorts of juicy tid bits about our exciting Thai vacation.

The first post will be later today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone)!

- Just a bit of background -

The husband moved to Myanmar in February. In April, my daughter and I flew to Thailand so we could meet-up with him. We were lucky enough to spend a few weeks there before setting off on a plane to Myanmar.   

The idea: smooth transition into SE Asia.  

The highlight: meeting-up with some of our closet friends from England who used to live in Thailand, and were out on holiday at the same time.

Friends of theirs who they met in England, but are now living in Thailand, hooked up with us as well. So THREE families united for part of our Thai holiday extravaganza.   BONUS!

Thailand Calling begins in 12 hours

I've scheduled five posts to be published while I'm away, so check back here frequently! 

You can read here about how internet connection in Myanmar is dodgy at best.  We're going to some fairly rural areas. Not sure how the connection will be. 

I MIGHT not be able to post links on my FB page (click here to "like" it and keep updated!) while we're vacationing, so if you want to keep up on the journey, subscribe to my posts. :) 

Come back tomorrow and check out the first post about my first impressions of big, sultry Bangkok!

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