Sunday, October 28, 2012

PG Tips

It's getting late here. It's a bit past 10pm. Sunday night. I have to get up early in the morning to take F to school.

But I can't help it. I have to share this. I could share on my FB page here; but, I don't think I'd do it justice.

I found a precious, precious commodity this afternoon.

TWO bags of PG Tips. Be still my heart.

We've been out of it for MONTHS! You can't buy it in Bangkok, either.

They were in a ziploc bag hidden away in a basket where I keep my extra back-up make-up that I shipped over with me when we moved here.

Why on earth I had my most favorite tea in this basket is beyond me.

The discovery was like finding gold. I've been thinking about it all day. Waiting to have a big mug of PG Tips.

Oh. Wait. You might not know what PG Tips is. It's my most, most, most, MOST favorite tea in the entire universe. It's a black tea, a standard household name in the UK. It's packed in perfect little triangle muslin bags and I swear those triangles really do make the tea taste better. And they never, ever rip, so you never, ever get any of the leaves poking up at the top of your tea. Hate that.

Thankfully, we could supply our PG Tips drinking household when we lived in Washington state. Our local Safeway supermarket stocked them. (I hope my friends are continuing to buy PG Tips so there will still be a demand for them when we eventually move back home!)

Well, as you can see, I have made my cup of tea. My great, big, huge mug of PG Tips.

Oh. And a little choccie shortbread biscuit. Shh. Don't tell. I know I'm being naughty; but I decided it was a cause for celebration was only fair that I had a little treat to go with my tea!

I think part of the reason I'm typing this post is so that I take my time drinking it.


See, it's the little things that matter! Especially when you live overseas. :)


  1. While I have never had PG tea I have to say I am eager to try some but am weary as it sounds like I won't be able to find it! I know how much I love my ginger tea and occasional lattes so can appreciate your happy dance!

  2. Thanks, Julie! It's good tea if you can find it. Sometimes specialty shops selling British items will have it. I was happy to find it in my local grocery store. Sometimes they wouldn't have it in the tea section, though. Occasionally I found it where the diet stuff was (which was very strange).

    I love ginger tea. I love the Numi brand and another brand (oh, forgot the name!) where the tea bags are really different and the leaves are big. Can't believe I forgot the name. :)

  3. I have hopes that you find more somehow!!! : ) So fun to love love love your drinky drink!!!


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