Monday, October 8, 2012

Thailand Calling: Chiang Dao

 All Rights Reserved: Traveling to Chiang Dao, Thailand. PEACE.

With ten of us together (three families), we were off to Chiang Dao, in the northern hilly/mountainous part of Thailand.  From Chiang Mai International Airport, we were picked-up in a big, flash, pimped out van (with air con!!) to take us to Chiang Dao, about a two hour drive further into the lush, green tropical mountains.

The further north we traveled, the deeper I breathed, the calmer I felt. The tension and chaos of Bangkok slowly drifted like water down the chocolate river, as we drove through the windy hills.

Cleaner air and the excitement of being with friends – new and old – brought anticipation to what sort of adventures we’d get up to. 

 All Rights Reserved: Children of three families. Adventures at night. Walking to dinner.

The drive was beautiful. In many ways, the area reminded me of Hawaii with its sporadic, high, angular mountains covered in green trees.

Before reaching Chiang Dao, we passed rice paddy fields. C mentioned to D that the verdant green of these fields were unmistakable… so green that it nearly hurt his eyes. They thought there should be a name for this green: rice paddy green.

The small, soft-looking blades of grass did not hurt my eyes at all, but looked virgin to me. Untouched. Undamaged. Pure, like the purest spring. It was grounding.

Next post: The great resort where we stayed and all the frickin' amazing tours we went on!  
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  1. I love the drama of B/W photos! What an amazing place; I so look forward to your posts!

    1. Thank you, Indigene! Thank you for being super supportive, too. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :)


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