Expat Kids' Resources



Our kids need resources, too, when moving overseas.  Below are a list of many books FOR kids. 

While some of the resources cover coping with a move, others provide general kid-friendly info about Myanmar. 

Because you don't already have enough on your plate (ha!), there's a section for teaching kids about diversity, too. 

 Planning to move to Yangon? Check-out this page over here to learn about the eBook, "Moving to Myanmar."

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Each title is a link to Amazon. 

Kids' Books for Coping with the International Move (aimed at the younger kids):



Teenagers' Books for Coping with the International Move: 


 Kids' Resources on Myanmar and SE Asia:


Looking for Myanmar specific information? 

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  • B is for Bangkok, by Janet Brown (because if you move to Myanmar, you will visit Bangkok a lot)

Kids' Resources on Diversity:


  1. Great resource, thank you so much for taking the time to put this up. I know tonnes of parents would love this, let's get it about!

    1. Cheers, V! Yeah, we can def share the info on the new-up-and-coming website! :-) Just link back to the blog. I also will keep updating the page as I discover more resources. :)

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