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Dear Sweet, Beautiful Heart,

I understand what it feels like to have the earth shake and shift below you. It’s a time of change and uncertainty. You want to know if you can sway through the ambiguity and feel whole when things around you seem so different from what they once were.

When a relationship is ending, or there’s a big move, a change in your career, a death, a new life … you’re in transition. It’s uncomfortable and can feel frightening. We have attached labels to ourselves to identify who we are: mother; sister; wife; daughter; friend; lover; girlfriend; doctor; teacher; artist; professional. Who are we when those labels crumble? What’s left?

The answer is: You. 

Together, we’ll clear through the rubble of what’s falling around you and identify the courageous soul standing in the middle of it. We’ll bravely navigate the tumultuous changes that you’re experiencing.

Though it feels vulnerable and uncomfortable, it’s here where you’ll begin to feel your truth and remember who you are. You’ll learn to reclaim – or ignite – a sense of power and freedom in knowing that in the midst of upheaval, you are beautifully waking up to yourself. You’ll know that what looks like destruction (or an ending) is release and rebirth.

During our coaching sessions, we’ll create a space where you can be calm and still. A place where you will be heard with compassion and empathy, so you can gently reach within your beauty, your worth, your loving heart and make choices steering you back towards the fierce, sultry woman you are. 

If you're interested in connecting with me, send an email and we'll discuss rates and the process. 


Is coaching or relationship coaching the same as counseling?
Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Think of a coach as your personal trainer, your advocate. I'll support you in the goals you set for yourself and focus on forward movement to achieve those goals.

Consider a counselor/therapist more like the surgeon you'd go to when you're unwell and need to remove acute pain.

Coaching operates from the viewpoint that you're already well - just simply want to tighten up/tone up an area of your life.

Coaching is not for healing significant psychological/emotional pain; however, support offered in coaching can inspire you to make choices more in alignment with your true self.

Coaching is about honoring and respecting the person in front of you, knowing they have their own answers, their own power. My part is to witness that and help guide you back to reclaiming your own sense of knowing. And I'm really good at that.

To get a better idea of how I view relationships, check out this post, a letter to my ex-husband

Do I have to live in your area to work with you?
Not at all. Coaching sessions take place over the phone, so it does not matter where you reside. Whether you live in Myanmar, Australia, England, Russia, Canada, El Salvador or in my hometown, it makes no difference. We can still connect. (The only caveat may be that I accept payment through PayPal, so living in a country where you can access PayPal is required.)

If you do happen to live in the same town as me, email me to discuss face-to-face coaching sessions.

What's your story?
Looking here tells you some of my background ... like how I'm from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and feel rooted in this area. It's home. Yet, I've been lucky enough to live in several different countries and continents. I even was able to write a book to help others moving to Myanmar (Burma) and have met wonderful people as a result.

Moving around wasn't always easy, despite having the blessing of experiencing different cultures and making amazing friends that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience. The transitions, the uprooting, the change, the not-ever-really-knowing was challenging, though. So was divorce. But through these trying times, I've learned more compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and - most importantly - acceptance.  

Have you always been a writer and coach?
Yes to both.

Writing: As a small child, I wrote out my feelings on bits of paper and diaries. In middle school, I spent lunch hours sitting criss-crossed against my orange locker, scribbling out stories in my large three-ring binder. Writing is one of the things that brings me the most joy. It's how I process. It's largely how I express myself. So, quite honestly, reading my stuff is a great way to get to know who I am. I'm honored to have been published by Huffington Post - so you can also check out some of my work there.

Coaching: You notice patterns in your life and often, hidden within, you see your talents, a purpose. I'm one of those people that others have gravitated to (even as a young girl) and shared their concerns and hurts with. I helped them move through the confusions until clarity showed up.

This has never changed. It's part of who I am ... to listen with empathy, kindness, intuition, and love. I'm able to recognize patterns and hidden messages underneath what others say, then extract the real meaning and share that back, clearly. That's when things start to click. Unlock. It's when the magic happens.

Before I was a professional writer, my work - for over 15 years - was in direct client-focused care and included coaching and advocating for women going through major changes and transitions in the context of reproductive and sexual health. The grounding philosophy was that we all know inherently what's best for ourselves.  My job was to support women in moving towards what they knew was best for them.

I have: managed a non-profit health clinic; designed, written, and implemented training programs; assisted in organizational change structures; consulted for the UN (United Nations) on HIV/AIDS to increase awareness of the pandemic - including the gender disparity of infection risk amongst girls in Ethiopia; collaborated and networked with multiple UN agencies to advocate for employees infected or affected by HIV/AIDS working overseas.

Tell me a bit more...

  • If you want to know my sign: Aquarius with Scorpio rising. (Watch out!)
  • I'm big on Myers-Briggs: I'm an INFP. I'm also an HSP
  • Want to know my top five strengths on Strength Finders? Connectedness; Empathy; Intellection (no...that wasn't a typo); Developer; Strategic.
  • Love is my religion. I try to operate from this place. I notice the little things - like the stars and the moon - and they make me happy. 
  • My daughter's laughter is absolutely the best thing on earth. 
  • Anais Nin is one of my heroes. 
  • I'm all about passion and living life on your OWN terms, in the way that best suits you. I'm not much of a rule-follower. 
  • What I'm sure of: we all have a fire inside us. Flame it. It's a necessity. 
  • If you still want a bit more, then you can check out my Pinterest boards

If you'd like to talk about working with me, send an email and we'll start connecting.