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Are you considering an overseas move?  Already an expat in need of some resources?  You're not alone. I'm so glad the authors below wrote these books.

Each book is a link to Amazon so you can easily purchase it if you so choose...or...err...not so easily if you live in Myanmar!  

I am now offering Coaching services to anyone who is in transition and feeling like they need a safe place to talk about their feelings, and make plans for moving forward, all while getting back to a place where they feel grounded. As expats, we all know what that feels like. And let's not forget those of us who repatriate. Contact me for more information.

Planning to move to Yangon? Check-out this page over here to learn about the eBook, "Moving to Myanmar."




General Expat Preparation:


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Online Resources/Community:

Looking for Myanmar specific information? Sign-up to learn more about my eBook which is chock-a-block full of these resources that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Expat Women, website, "Inspiring Your Success Abroad"

  • A Portable Identity, website. They have a fabulous book which I mention below. You can also get an e-newsletter from them and they offer life coaching services (not therapy) available on the phone or even via Skype.  Additionally, there's a chat room.

  • Culture Crossing, cultural information on every country in the world. Interesting, user-friendly site, but not lots of info on Myanmar.


Women's Guides to Expat Life:


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Expat Parenting: 


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          Amazing. Extremely helpful.

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  1. Hi Becky Do you have contacts for the rock climbing club in Yangon or running with the American Club? i am here fthis weekend and next probably. Thanks! Anne anne@chezarran.com


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