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Some of you are wondering about Myanmar food.  Molly, a dear friend and a fan on my FB page, asked:
 Beck, I'm dying to know what the typical Burmese equivalent to Mac and cheese/comfort food is. It may be too boring but I'm always so curious about daily life details.

Well, I don't think most things are boring and Molly's question definitely isn't. If you're a foodie like her, then you'll love this recipe-filled post.

I do need to ask a few more Myanmar people what they think is the ultimate Burmese comfort food, but I think many would say Mohinga
Mohinga  photo source here

Mohinga and Mondhi are probably the two most popular noodle dishes of the Bamar ethnic group.

Of course, there are many other ethnic groups in Myanmar and they all battle it out for their favorite noodle dish. Bottom line, though: I think a lot of people would say some form of a noodly meal would be a standard. 

Kut kyee kite "cut with scizzors" is a favorite noodle dish of the South Coastal people, the Dawei.  It's filled with  noodly goodness, bean sprouts and shrimp.
The ASEAN-Kora Centre blog provides a recipe on how to make this yummy meal.  They also provided the photo.

The Rakhaing (or Rahkine) who live on the western coast are famous for their "burn throat, burn tongue" noodles served with lots of pepper, fish flakes, loads of chilies, and fish stock! It's called ar pu shar pu or sometimes "Rakhaing mondhi." 
You can find a recipe for this very hot dish on this wonderful site here called Hsa ba.

One of my favorite noodle meals comes from the Shan region (northeastern part of Myanmar) and is called...drum roll...Shan noodles! It's served with rice noodles, chicken broth, crushed peanuts, and something like a hoisin sauce. YUMMY.
You can find a great recipe again at Hsa ba.

There you have it! Oodles of noodle recipes and pics. Hope you enjoy it!

What is your favorite comfort food?  Which of these Myanmar noodle dishes look the scrummiest to you?


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