Friday, September 21, 2012

15 Things You Didn't Know

About Me: 

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  1. Washing my hair is the first thing I do when I take a shower. (Except when I don’t wash my hair that day!) 

  1.  I brush my teeth before I eat breakfast.

  1. When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend, Sarah. (OK, some of you know that.) But you probably didn’t know that behind an old, wooden hanging shelf, I placed stickers which I’d press to “call” her to me and then, ZAP! Sarah would instantly appear.  

  1. I know how to huff rum cake. It’s a family secret.

  1. A friend of mine in high school chased me with a banana. Yes. I ran away. That’s how much I hate bananas.  I sometimes measure the amount of love I have for my daughter (immeasurable) by the fact I will pick up a banana, peel it, and give it to her. I’ve learned to actually touch it with my bare hands. But it still GROSSES me out!

  1. I eat scrambled eggs everyday for breakfast. 

  1.  Daisies – any kind of daisy – are my favorite-favorite-favorite flower. They're so happy!

  1. I’m an INFP and a 9 (Peacemaker) on the Enneagram. Yes. I am an introvert. Be nice.

  1. Don’t ask me to a peel an orange for you. It will take ages.  

  1. I love eating frozen grapes. Try it! You’ll love it and then you’ll be thanking me! I promise. Well. Unless you don’t like grapes or frozen things.

  1. I can easily watch three movies back to back. After four, I get tired and confused and need a little break. (Go figure!)

  1. I grind and clench my teeth. A lot.

  1. Over the last ten years, I have lived: on three continents; in five countries; in two states; and have moved 11 times. CRAP! That equals to moving more than once a year!! The LONGEST I’ve lived anywhere in the past decade is: two years and one month. For real.

  1. My dream car is not a Range Rover or a Lexus or a BMW or whatever. (They’re nice, though!) My dream car is a VW BUG!!!  I have wanted one since I was 10 years old.

  1. I still have a yellow VW Bug Transformer my dad gave me when I was 11. I took it to Burma with me. I won’t let my six year old daughter touch it. And I can still turn that Bug into a transformer within seconds
 In fact, I found this YouTube vid with the SAME Transformer I have. 

I am sorry to sounds totally elitist and snotty, but it took this guy over ONE minute to make the Bug into a Transformer. COME ON! I totally need to do a video to show him how it's done!

This is a pic of the same 1980's Transformer I have. (Not MY Transformer. If you want me to take a pic of mine, I will!) lol

What are some things I don't know about YOU?


  1. very entertaining and insightful!!! Love the banana story!

    1. Thanks, Vickie. I really, really do hate bananas! LOL

      What about you? Any strange thing you don't like?

  2. I love that you have a VW Bug Transformer from your childhood. You should do a you tube video response to his. Hilarious! :)

    1. LOL - I know, right, Gen? I am sure I really won't do it, but bless his heart.

      Yep - the VW Bug Transformer is upstairs in my bedroom, nestled nicely in a drawer so F can't play with it. :) I'm sure you saw it growing up. :)

    2. Oh - And Gen - I'm sure you remember my imaginary friend. lol

  3. A few come to is one; I couldn't pull out my children's teeth even when they were obviouly ready to come out. Three boys and they lost all their teeth without me touching one. (Kind of my Banana thing.) :)

    Nice blog...and I like your bottom message.

    1. Thanks, June for stopping by and leaving a message. :) I'm giggling about not pulling your children's teeth. I can see why that would be icky!

      I'm glad you like the bottom message. :-)

  4. Oh, that's gorgeous! Seeing as I didn't know ANYTHING about you at all, it was quite an eye-opener for me :) And got a few smiles as well :) I think we're kindred spirits... would love you to check out a post I made a few months back called 'Eleven Things I Hate About Me' Hopefully I can return the smiles :)

    1. Hi Malini!
      Thanks for your comment. I checked out your post and it really made me laugh. I could definitely relate to many of the items listed!

      Your art is just beautiful. I especially love all the textured trees and your play with light/dark.

      Thank you for stopping by + I'm happy we're on the ecourse together, also. Looking forward to getting to know you. :)

  5. You totally got the kids and me hooked on frozen grapes and now we have added frozen blueberries to the mix :)

    I am tickled to learn a few things I didn't know about you! I'll be thinking about what you've yet to learn about me for future sharing.

    You should know that everytime I eat frozen grapes (and also with every cup of tea) I think about you!


    1. Awww! You know what? I TOTALLY LOVE frozen blueberries, too! I was even going to add that on the list. LOL I like to eat frozen blueberries with cottage cheese. Might sound totally gross and it does turn the cottage cheese blue, but I LOVE it! ESPECIALLY if it's the cottage cheese from Costco. Dairygold or something. LOL Now I'm wishing I could go to Costco!

      I love the that the kids are hooked on frozen grapes. :)

      O.m.g: tea. I can't get PG TIPS here!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! lol


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