Friday, September 14, 2012

Crab Rangoon

I spotted Philadelphia cream cheese at City Mart on Dhamazedi Road the other day. Does that seem boring and irrelevant to you? (Nodding.) I can understand why; but, cream cheese is a bit of a luxury item here and you can't always get it.

It cost over $6.00, but I bought it anyway; just because I could. And just because next week City Mart could be out. And then we might not see it again – ever – or we might not see if for several more months.  That’s how it rolls here.

Once I got home, I realized I had wonton wrappers and crab in the fridge. Hmmm… I can make crab rangoons if I want, I thought. Yummmm!  Right?  I love crab rangoons.

Then, for a moment, I realized I LIVE in “Rangoon” (Yangon, really. The Brits and Americans just refuse to call it Yangon) and probably could live in heavenly crab rangoon bliss forever!

And then I remembered that there was no way crab rangoon was authentic Burmese/Myanmar food. I mean, whoever heard of cream cheese being a staple part of an Asian diet?

Wikipedia  and multiple other sites informed me that some dude called Vic, who owned Trader Vic’s restaurant in San Francisco, probably created these little yummy morsels in the 1950’s, just like he created the Mai Tai.  What a smart man. I would kiss him if I could.

Are you hungry yet? Want to make crab rangoons at home?

Here are a few recipes for ya:

  • If you want super simple, go here to the Rasa Malaysia website for easy Asian recipes.  

There are other variations, too. Many include a dash of streak sauce, A-1, or soy sauce in there. Many have scallions or green onions, too. Just make it however you want with all its gooey yumminess!

Anyway, next time you go to a Thai place or a Chinese place or whatever kind of restaurant, and you order crab rangoons, you can think of me…all the way over in Rangoon. Err. Yangon.

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