Monday, April 22, 2013

Updates + News

Kuala Lumpur Park

Hope all of you are doing great. Lots of changes are happening over here; so though I've been a bit quieter on the posting front, busy-ness has been in full force - just in the background.

 A few quick updates...

Myanmar - and several other SE Asian countries - just celebrated Thingyan - or Buddhist New Year. Last year, we celebrated it in Thailand where it's called Songkran. You can read some posts about that over here.

This year, we went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We spent about six days there and had a wonderful time. I will write more about KL later ... but I do have to tell you that it's probably now my favorite city that I've visited in SE Asia. We just got back.

Moving to Myanmar eBook
As you know, I've just published Moving to Myanmar and you can find it over on Amazon here. I hope you find some interesting information in there and if you do, please consider leaving a review!

New Blog/Website Launched
Today, I've launched a new professional blog/website, Becky Cavender. Becky in Burma will not go away; it is time, however, to have a place to focus on my writing career. I'd love it if you could go take a look and follow my new page. I also have a new Facebook page for Becky Cavender. Come on over, say hello, and like the page. I'm loving the look of the two and I hope you do also!

Thanks for all your support as I continue on my journey - which is filled with lots of changes. Big ones, too. I'll spill all the beans soon.

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