Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The eBook is Nearly Ready!

Hello everyone!

Don't you just love that illustration above? The talented ECHOPHYU, a local Myanmar artist, designed it. It's the cover of the new eBook!

I'm super excited to tell you that within days, the eBook "Moving to Myanmar" will be launched and available for purchase on Amazon. It's been an amazing ride and I'm ever so grateful for all of the people who have helped make the book come to fruition. 

The fabulous Kristal Norton has been working steadily on formatting it. And believe me, she had her work cut out for her. I gave her a complete formatting mess to wrestle. Not only did she wrestle with it, she pinned it down and conquered. She's amazing.

I'll keep you posted - but expect a message from me any day now!



  1. I just love Becky that you will be publishing your eBook so soon. Congratulations. :)


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