Saturday, November 3, 2012

They're Back...

Rat seller in Thailand. Photo Credit: Chris James White Photography. All rights reserved.

Remember this lovely picture from my dramatic rat post in August?  How could you forget, right?

Well, the rats are back.

Yuck, I know. Actually. No. Not just yuck. Uber super duper shivery grossed-out yuck.

I.don' In fact, I don't like any type of rodent. Not even hamsters, really.

When you live in a tropical climate, you can expect to have rats visit every once in awhile.  It probably didn't help that in August, when I first realized we had an unwanted visitor(s), we were in full-throttle monsoon mode. The rodents probably wanted to dry off a bit. I wasn't sympathetic.  And I still am not.

Down with the rats, I say! (I told you I'd be a terrible Buddhist!)

Previously, they were contained to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the other day when I opened a closet to take out Halloween decorations, the floor was totally covered in rat poo. It was also dusty to high hell and I was certain I was going to get infected with Hantavirus.

That was bad enough. But it got worse.

I learned that on the top shelf of F's closet, there were lots of rat droppings. Some looked peculiar, like bird poo instead of rat poo, but red. I don't know if it was blood (hemorrhaging from the red poison we laid down), or something else.  Perhaps poo from the playdough they were eating. WHO KNEW?!  Either way, I wasn't happy.

 This is a real rat poison in Myanmar, locally made. "HAPPY" rat killer. Yes, I will be VERY happy when these nasty things are dead!

There's been a massive bleach operation in this household for the last few days. Meanwhile, I've learned that the buggers have a distinctive palette. In addition to hankering after playdough, they love to nibble traditional Swedish straw Christmas ornaments. They wanted to eat these ornaments so badly, that they chewed through a box just to get to them. Rats also apparently like to eat wires and gnaw holes in wood. Did I mention most of this house is filled with wood?

Thankfully, the husband's organization has stepped in and organized pest control to lay traps in our ceilings, in cupboards, in F's closet, and around the perimeter of the house. I should've taken pictures of these homemade, massive discs with glue on them. They looked like pizzas. I didn't want to take pictures though because I totally had the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, it appears our house is a perfect rat conduit. We have holes in our roof and many tree limbs hang just in the right place for them to jump down and creep on into our ceiling. Once in, they have free realm over their own little inner world, scampering through our hollow, faux beams which can carry them from room to room. We also have lovely gaps and holes everywhere. None of our doors are sealed closed at the bottom.

Did you know that if you can fit a pencil through a crack, a mouse can get through it? If a hole is the size of a half-dollar, a rat can get through. Um. Well. Our house is filled will all these crevices.

I'm hopeful Operation: RAT DIE will help us control them. It's possible that with the rains being nearly over, that some of the problem will subside, too.

I hope.

Well, in case you have rodent issues, here are a few websites that can help you know how to prevent them getting worse. Big thanks to the husband's cousin, D, in England for all the links!



  1. Becky, this is why I knew we were soul sisters! I. Hate. Rodents. Too! I don't like seeing pictures of them, let alone knowing they are any where around me. Just thinking about it makes my body shiver! You poor dear! I say, do whatever it takes to get rid of them. I'm 100% with you on this one. :)

    1. Hi Indigene!
      You make me laugh. Aside from the whole rodent hatered, I'm sure we're soul sisters, too. :)

      Thanks for the support on operation rodent elimination!

  2. Just after reading this, I saw a rat in my garden! Thinking of you in your pest plight!

    1. Ewww! So sorry to hear that! :) Good luck on YOUR pest plight, too!

  3. Hi Becky... I do remember your blog ( of course :)... I've been here before to say hello. So here I am again..
    We struggle to stay ahead of the rats here on the West Coast too, so I can relate :(( And I don't think watching Ratatouille helped either. The show gave me the creeps.
    Too many Disney movies in earlier days of rats being the nasty character.
    I have a lovely Garden Shed and i don't like sharing it .. So our trick is to put peanut butter on the rat trap. But not on the top. Tuck it under the little ledge where they have to work at it to get it . Works like a HOT Damn. Gets them every time. But remember , UNDER the little ledge part. Good luck :)

    1. Hi Sandy!

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. :)

      Ew, no. I wasn't a fan of Ratatouille, either! lol

      I love your advice about the peanut butter under ledge of the trap....LOVE it. Okay, I'm so going to try that!

      THANK YOU! :)

  4. Gotta block those rats! Slide a thin sheet of tin between the faux beams and the wall and they'll have trouble moving around. Tough problem, good luck!


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