Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Announcement: New Series Coming Up!

All Rights Reserved. Photos taken in the New Forest, England, December 2011

We all need a little inspiration now and again.  I know I do.  

I recently took an e-course from Kelly Rae Roberts where we were asked who we know that's living their dream, that has taken the plunge filled with bravery and courage, into a life they know they were meant to live. 

At first, I struggled to come up with more than a couple names. Yet, I soon realized I actually knew several people who were passionate, entrepreneurial, brave, and living their lives the way their creative selves were calling them to. 

And that's inspiring. Listening to others' stories about living a life full of passion encourages us, nudges us, to do the same.

All Rights Reserved. Photos taken in the New Forest, England, December 2011

 Starting very soon, every so often, you will get love-filled, delve-deep-down interviews with people who are inspirational to me.  I am certain you will find them inspirational, too. 

The new series is called "Inspiration Interviews."

I've already got a beautiful line-up of special people living in Myanmar, in the United States, and in other countries:

  • poets
  • writers
  • musicians
  • actors
  • artists 
  • survivors 
  • teachers
  • travelers
Get ready for the first Inspirational Interview coming soon!


  1. I'm really looking forward to it Becky. I love the photographs, they're beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Judith! The pics were taken up the road from you, really: New Forest!

  2. Lovely. Look forward to it. Beautiful photos in this post by the way. xo

  3. How exciting! Such a wonderful idea, Becky!

  4. Inspiration! We all thrive on it! I can't wait.

  5. i love you aunty becky!!!!!!!!! -kayla


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