Monday, July 23, 2012


Yes.  A big coffee (or mug of tea) and a good book = Happy Becky. Since arriving in Yangon, I have read several books. At least eight.  Eight + books months.  That's a lot of books!!

There's a nice bookstore in town.  There are also streets that sell books on the road. I prefer the bookstore though.  Upstairs is a cafe where you can get a coffee and log-in to wifi.  It's next to the "Art" section. Hurrah!  The air con doesn't seem to work well up there, though, so lately I haven't been hanging there much.

When we first arrived, I spent several days a week at the bookstore and now some of the staff know me and my daughter by name.  When I don't come in for awhile, they ask where we're been, how we are, etc.  Sometimes, books are recommended to me as well. 

A month ago, I posted on a web-group for expats here that I'd like to start a book club or join one as a way to meet more people. I was invited to join one; they said they had room left for one more person.

Tonight is Book Club Night and it's my first time to go! I've been grumpy and tired today, but the thought of discussing Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin is a bit invigorating.  I miss discussing books. Words.  Lines.  Prose.  It will be good to continue to meet people living here who are like-minded.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

Next month, we're meant to read a book by Virgina Woolf: "To the Lighthouse." I've never read it and will try to pick it up in Bangkok when I go there later this week.

Ahh...Bangkok.  Starbucks.  Big, big bookstores with lots and lots and lots of books!  YES!

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