Friday, March 29, 2013

What I've Been Up To

If you follow me over on Facebook you know that I have exciting news about the forthcoming eBook, "Moving to Myanmar."

  • The cover art is done and was completed by the lovely and talented ECHOPHYU, a local Myanmar artist. I'd love to show it to you, but I think that will have to wait just a wee bit longer!
  • My editor completed his work (I'm sure I kept him busy) and got the manuscript back to me, all nicely polished. Thank you, Douglas. You're super awesome.
  •  The book has now gone into the capable hands of Kristal Norton, artist mama and eBook formatter extraordinaire. She's having to deal with some of my own formatting inconsistencies and thankfully, she's been patient with me. 

We're on schedule for the April 2013 launch of "Moving to Myanmar."

It's my sincerest hope that it will help make the move to Yangon a bit easier for some of you out there.

If you haven't had a chance yet, you can check-out my eBook special tab and if you want to be part of the mailing list for insider info about the eBook, sign-up here.

Aside from the eBook work, I've sent a few pieces for submission to an anthology of writing from expat women living in East Asia. Fingers crossed, the pieces will be accepted.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to starting up my Inspiration Interview series again. I have some amazing people lined up.

Thanks for all of your support, especially as I've been less visible online and in real life, too.


  1. Busy lady! Congratulations on the new ebook, is it a picture book too? :) Keep up the good work & enjoy!

    1. Hi Shelly!
      Sadly it's not a picture book - but maybe someday! :)

      Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Hi Becky, this is so wonderful to about your eBook. YAY!!! :) I love that Kristal is helping you with this, she is awesome. Love what she does. I look forward to your Inspiration Interview series again. Take care. xo

    1. Kristal has been amazing and I totally recommend that anyone use her! She does fantastic work and is so easy to collaborate with!

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